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Rigid scope of the container sealing machine


Sealing machine is filling a packaging container sealing machinery. According to the mechanical properties of packaging materials, is divided into flexible and rigid containers container sealing machine sealing machine. Now focuses on what the scope of rigid sealing machine.
Rigid container vessel is not easy to change its shape after molding of the container, its sealing lid to take various forms, commonly used in sealing machine has the following.
① Capping-sealing machine. This pre-processing blocks out the internal thread, thread with a single or several of the sub-head. If the bottle multi-purpose single-head screw, canned bottle multi-purpose multi-head screw. The machine is sealed by rotation, but will his mouth pressed to the container.
② rolling grain-sealing machine. This multi-purpose aluminum capping, without the prior thread is the use of wheel rolling aluminum cap, so that exactly the same appearance and shape of bottle screw thread, but will seal the container. This cover will be in unsealed peripheral indentation along the skirt off, but can not recover, it is also called "for foods." The aircraft used for high-end wine, drinks sealing packaging.
③ trim-sealing machine. It is the first set of tube-shaped metal cap at the mouth of the bottle with its bottom edge of the wheel rolling so that it varus deformation, closely linked to housing flange and the mouth of the bottle be sealed. The aircraft used for wide-mouth bottles of sealing canned food packaging.
④ gland-sealing machine. It is dedicated to beer, soft drinks and other beverages crown cap sealing machine. Will be placed in the crown bottle cap, the machine model under gland pressure, the crown cap is squeezed inside the corrugated peripheral condensation, stuck in the bottle neck flange, causing the mechanical inter-bottle caps and Goulian, thereby sealing the bottle.
⑤ tamponade-sealing machine. This sealing material is rubber, plastic, cork and other materials with a certain flexibility made of cork, using its own elastic deformation to seal the bottle. Sealing machine, it will be placed in bottle cork top cork in the vertical direction by the pressure of their pressure into the bottle to achieve the sealing packaging. Tamponade can be used either individually sealing sealing can also be used as a combination, together with the bottle sealed.
⑥ curling-sealing machine. The machine is mainly used for sealing of metal food cans. It uses rollers to Lid and jar the peripheral flange, through mutual curl, hook together, pressed to achieve the sealed package.