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The prospect of dairy sealing machine 2009


Sanlu's bankruptcy, give us more warning, dairy products must be strictly control quality, sealed packaging machinery as a sales person, I am of what, in 2009 the prospects for dairy products, sealing machine, at present, the majority of domestic dairy products, packaging enterprises are mostly used in low-level conventional equipment, but have the capability of independent innovation capabilities and R & D machinery manufacturer counted on one hand spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou to do better. The new yogurt packaging machine forms and more in an increasingly fierce market competition, a good yogurt packaging will certainly lead to good sales of shares, thus sealing technology has been the improvement and innovation, and constantly adapt to the development of dairy industry and customer needs. 50 years of history in Germany Hai Siya company has designed according to product requirements for customers to choose a variety of cup-shaped, while packaging machine is also easy to operate, and enable product packaging forms. Plastic cup sealing the outer product is beautifully packaged in an important aspect of technological innovation, prices of products in the process of filling is also key. Spark filling system is suitable for all types of products, whether it is whole milk, dry, stir yogurt or yogurt with fruit, the same can also be used for Picture-cup filling (a grid yogurt, a fruit or a puffed food grid). Spark Another innovation is the plastic cup bottle packaging machines, thermoforming packaging machine in the regular basis, you can bottle. Bottle packaging machine forming, filling, sealing and labeling system, small footprint, saving the cost of investment. In reducing the operating and production costs, such a packaging method for the pre-bottle is a great innovation, using different shaping tools can produce different bottled manner in the same plastic cup yogurt or sweets packaging machine, only a change of forming tool can be bottle, multi-purpose molding - Filling - sealed packaging technology not only save investment, and create high returns. Reflections on dairy packaging machinery in recent years, with the rapid development of China's dairy industry, the dairy manufacturers intensified competition, which subsequently led to the associated processing and sealing machinery industries. Structure homogenization of serious competition in the domestic dairy industry are concentrated in the milk of the focus of competition, the market and technological upgrading to seize several aspects, with the exception of the few dairy giants, most dairy enterprises are looking forward to their limited resource advantages into economic benefits for the market, an effective way to find the survival and development. At present, China's dairy processing machinery industry, the development of sealing of the following number of contradictions: a low level of primary products, the high-end products with the security requirements of the contradictions of milk is a highly time-sensitive food packaging process in the processing must ensure that the end product The microbiological indicators have reached the food safety requirements. China's raw milk microbial indicators of indicators than the developed countries there are significant gaps. This requires that milk processing, processing and sealing equipment used in technical performance, while ensuring the safety of the end product has a higher demand. Sealing process from the processing of each process, from the excellent technical condition of equipment should be guaranteed on. Will may be caused by the impact of process equipment and technology to reduce to a minimum. However, the dairy product differentiation in order to make their own advantage while competing for markets, for raw milk artificially thickening, Perfumery treatment, changed the original raw materials processing technology, thus further re-sealing of the related processing equipment, technical responsibilities. Only by enhancing the health and safety equipment, the consistency and continuity in order to deal with this process of change in the original raw material. Industry specific requirements and complex technical personnel missing in conflicts in the dairy product processing equipment, sealing, UHT and aseptic technique in a high technical level, is a comprehensive technical subjects related to the outcome, but also domestic needs breakthrough in key technology and equipment . Sealing equipment, dairy processing industry is an industry with special requirements; from the technical level is concerned, the manufacturer should have biological and chemical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, dairy processing technology division of the experience, the ability to automate integration technology and comprehensive quality control means overall quality.