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1. The pharmaceutical industry: Drug manufacturing is automatic labeling of the big users, the speed is very high, labeling machine design more to take into account the integration of processes both before and after labeling to provide screening and labeling labeling headlights automatically into the bottle prop such as additional features.

2. Daily Chemical Industry: daily chemical industry applications, asking for changing the shape of the container often with each passing day. Soft plastic containers and "no label, as the sense of" right to exclude labeling accuracy and control of air bubbles is also more difficult.

3. Food industry: food industry competitive, multi-label manufacturers to provide more space for publicity and promotion, labeling machine is also the design of a new challenge.

4. Beverage industry: beverage industry applications requiring high speed and positioning accuracy, and often more than a bottle marked, labeled and materials are subject to change appearance, labeling position control techniques when demanding.

5. The electronics industry: electronic industry is very professional label application requirements, in addition to the special nature of the label material, the right labeling machine also requires a very high precision, the co-ordination with other production processes, large amounts of data in real-time printing paste, and with the main system, data exchange and so on.

6. The battery industry: the battery has been widely used in manufacturing automatic labeling machines for shrink-label use of paste volume. The labeling function of a well-designed high-speed operation while ensuring that the label interface formation, and taking into account the protection against short circuits, as well as provide labels contraction function.

7. Petrochemical industry: It often takes the petrochemical industry in the vats, large bottles, containers, product labels affixed to require the speed and accuracy are more lenient, but because of labeling large power requirements for labeling machines are higher, and in arc paste large-scale label, or uneven in terms of speed when the water-line labeling, maintaining the designer labels that are also flat areas of concern.

8. Medical Industry: Medical supplies manufacturing industries increasingly wide use of self-adhesive labels, labels, in addition also provides for off-label use of other functionality, labeling machine design have to be added specificity of the label varies.