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Wine market in the continuous influx of new businesses to stimulate the packaging industry


At a state banquet occasions, the last at the dinner table to see is white, but now quietly into wine, or wine, wine drinking in the future wine consumption trends. Wine and wine into people's lives are being quietly began to become their daily diet and essential when a friend hosted wine. The release of the domestic wine market by the great potential for development is attracting more and more of the "Gold Digger", in recent years, the continuous influx of a lot of cutting-edge wine brands want to grab share. Overnight many liquor lines, wholesale markets, the size of supermarkets, catering industry, will be prominently placed in wine, wine industry in the future will be the Chinese people's daily life in the essential things. Is associated with the wine industry from the packaging industry has also smell a great business opportunity, have produced wines associated with the filling production line. Spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. for the bottling of wine packaging, application of the latest technology to produce the filling machine, Capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer such as the composition of a production line, high production efficiency, packaging, and good quality. For example, Beijing Sun Wine Co., Ltd., Zibo santaishan Wine Co., Ltd., and many other manufacturing companies have applied to my company's equipment to their own wine production line.